Welcome To My New Site!

I’ve never had a real “professional” site and blog before, so bear with me while I catch up with the times…

I decided to make an all-in-one stop for everything related to my work henceforth! For so long, I’ve been riding on the social media outlets’ coattails —starting from DeviantArt, to Tumblr, to Twitter, to Instagram, to ArtStation, to Patreon— and I figured it’s time I have a more… sincere… spot to house everything regarding my work and life. With all that’s been going on with social websites as of late (Tumblr igniting a mass exodus, Instagram deactivating accounts, and Patreon becoming iffy, and even using storefronts such as Storenvy and Etsy), it’s a lot better and much more efficient for me to manage my own store and site.

The only social accounts I will be using from this point forward are my Twitter and Instagram, until I get tired of them. (You can access those at the top right of this page.) For the most part, I’ll keep them updated. However, I’ll be having premium content of my work (like PSDs and the like) available only on this site via subscriptions.

I will keep my portfolio pages curated and will frequently update my blog whenever I feel the need to. Also, my store will be maintained here as well! You’ll be able to purchase limited prints, original art work, digital content packs, art books, and tutorials right here, all in one place. It’s still kinda rough around the edges but I’ll have it fully set up in no time. The Store is ready to go, but it’s not live yet. I’ll post when it is!

I know some are aware that I also do NSFW art separate from my professional work; that will continue to be managed on its own account and with no relation to my work here, for reasons having content hosted here. I like to keep those profiles completely separate, so when you find (or already know) that account, you’re lucky!

I’ll do my best to keep this site updated as well; I’ve been missing having one spot I can call my online “home” and post my musings and art-related topics without the chaotic void that is Twitter or Tumblr. So sit back, relax, and enjoy I guess, or whatever it is you do when you peruse art in an internet browser. What you do with my work is none of my business.